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8/10/2017 11:12:00 AM
Academic Honor Students Recognized for 2017 Spring Semester

Piedmont Technical College students who had outstanding academic accomplishments during the 2017 spring semester have earned inclusion on the President’s List. To be named to the list, students must be full time and earn a term GPA of 4.00. Students will receive a certificate of achievement signed by the college president.

                President’s List students include:

                Abbeville County - James E. Allison, II, Jessica L. Bowie, Timothy A. Cann, Kimberly D. Dennis, George T. Guy, Kionna Jackson, Nicholas L. Manley, Ashley H. Sellars, Donna E. Shockley and Sandra D. Williams-Allen, all of Abbeville; Jessie K. Estep of Due West; Keaton Flowers, Brook L. Mcgaha and Danny H. Minnich, Jr., all of Iva.

                Edgefield County - Tiffany Coates of Johnston.

                Greenwood County - Corey M. Boyter of Donalds; Olivia G. Ashley, Jessica D. Bice, Tyler J. Coates, Cameron T. Cox, Summer A. Coxe, Andrew K. Cribbs, Samuel J. Deery, V,  Ashley N. Devore, Cassandra D. Fouse, Brianna M. Getsinger, Kiara N. Glenn, Stacy D. Gray, Emily Hawthorne, Zachary T. Hemann, Samuel Hernandez Moreno, Rymon Huffines, Vanessa A. Jennings, Brandi M. Lambert, Walter Lawlor, Dylan D. Lever, Jameca S. Logan, Amber R. Lukas, Bella Z. Martinez, Katie L. McCarty, Jacob J. Miller, Joshir A. Norman, Chad O. Ott, Cynthia Palmerin, Robert D. Peterson, Ashley N. Polattie, Dakota M. Potts, Sabrina T. Richey, Debra K. Robinson, Michael A. Smathers, Kimberly F. Smith, Georganna M. Tidwell, Amber R. Todd, Tyler Turman, Thomas C. Wall and Evan B. Zimmerman, all of Greenwood; Taylor N. Barnett, Brett A. Lewis and Ashley Skinner, all of Hodges; Jacob Armstrong, Virginia G. Cannon, Tyler B. Gibert, Lauren A. Rhodes, Samuel W. Sutton, Jr. and Stephen A. Vickery, all of Ninety Six.

                Laurens County - Ashley V. Alewine, James J. Fruehwirth, Heather M. Goins, Isiah S. Jillson, Kristopher S. Knight and Joan J. Pittman, all of Clinton; Shavis K. Edwards and Alan B. Guevara-Gonzalez, both of Cross Hill; Tamara A. Tumblin of Fountain Inn; Jonathan Ellis, Caleb Faulkner and Shannon Holm, all of Gray Court; Erica N. Lewis and Rachel L. Young, both of Kinards; Ashley E. Brown, Timothy G. Gibson, Maryelizabeth A. Powers and Kristie L. Vaughn, all of Laurens; Kathryn A. Kratz and Caleb G. Moss, both of Ware Shoals; Gary Anderson, Adam W. Magaha, Lucky J. Maroney and Dillon M. Qualls, all of Waterloo.

                McCormick County - Leah A. Anthony of Mount Carmel; Jalen K. Freeman-Leverette, Robin Harris, Talaiyah Jennings and Toniyah Wideman, all of McCormick.

                Newberry County - Kevin H. Delesandro of Chapin; Andrew D. Smith of Cross Hill; Kale Johns, Rachel M. Richardson and Larry E. Smith, II, all of Little Mountain; Rachael H. Coker, Lisa Johnson, Rosa Langford, Kevin Y. Maldonado-Hernandez, Joshua Neiger, Shun O. Redmond, Jr., Abraham J. Rikabi and Abigail E. Webster, all of Newberry; Callie M. Blanchard, Benjamin L. Nichols, Alisa L. Rogers and Ethan Winningham, all of Pomaria; Emily Dozier and Stefanie Glenn, both of Prosperity.

                Saluda County - Jared B. Matthews and Jacob L. Shealy, both of Batesburg; Dulce M. Gantt, Sandra L. Herlong, Austin S. Miller, Andrew M. Owens, Trey R. Ridlehoover, Emilie A. Upchurch and Brandon I. Vasquez, all of Saluda; and Brandon Tarlton of Ward.

                To be named to the Dean’s List, students must be attending full time and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

                Dean’s List students include:

                Abbeville County - Austin K. Knox, Kara N. Kuenzer, Crystal M. Lamb, Adam C. Overholt, William A. Reynolds, III, Thomas Robison, Amber Smith, Samantha H. Smith and Serrah B. Wilson, all of Abbeville; and Summer K. Lee of Honea Path.

                Edgefield County - Christopher P. Armstrong, Jr., Melissa D. Houser, Jonathan D. Thomas and Rachael A. Young, all of Edgefield; and Correy S. Cunningham of McCormick.

                Greenwood County - Airen A. Devlin of Bradley; Stephanie R. Arrington, William A. Buchanan, Dontavious Cooper, Teresa L. Cowan, Anna G. Cox, Christine E. Evans, Velvet A. Gresham, Ashley F. Hodges, Samantha N. Hollingsworth, Melissa F. Homovich, Tammy G. Jones, Chanda L. Killingsworth, Thomas D. Kirkland, Kevin L. Mahler, Melissa M. Mayo, Stephanie M. Navey, Chris F. Robertson, Atari K. Roundtree, Omari Seigler, Dominique Shaw, Jennifer L. Tumblin, Alina C. Williams and Amber M. Woods, all of Greenwood; Allie Camak and De’Varius L. Harrison, both of Hodges; John M. Avery, Jordan Hewett and Heather M. Jackson, all of Ninety Six; and Samantha L. Ouzts of Ware Shoals.

                Laurens County - Karrame R. Campbell of Clinton; Clifton Boyd of Cross Hill; Jared K. Morgan of Enoree; Robert M. Davis and Tanner T. Weathers, both of Gray Court; Diana J. Contreras Hernandez of Joanna; Tiffany M. Bercume, Biaget F. Brewster-Young, Shaunna L. Donnelly, Ana K. Ramirez, Eric Reynoso and Jaquez D. Robinson, all of Laurens; Carey P. Pitts and Justin M. Whelchel, both of Mountville; and Thomas Whelan of Ware Shoals.

                McCormick County - Landarius S. Houston, Da’Dra Mack, Nathaniel Mason and Darnell Norman, all of McCormick; Venus M. Rodgers of Mount Carmel; and Kayla J. Rushton of Plum Branch.

                Newberry County - Quateria S. Wadsworth of Chappells; Joanna G. Bedenbaugh, Marley B. Bowers, Diana Diaz-Flores, DaijShauna Elkins, Alecia Jackson, Yesenia Juarez Flores, Mary Beth S. Kunkle, Destin M. Long, Janneth Morfin, Matthew A. Nicholson, Darli Rodriguez, Tushobia M. Suber and Leanna M. White, all of Newberry; Leanna L. Kiker of Pomaria; Ashley G. Glymph and Tyquan D. Williams, both of Prosperity; and Jennifer Sinclair of Whitmire.

                Saluda County - Timothy A. Lybrand of Leesville; Cesar D. Carrillo and Rosadelia Flores, both of Saluda; and James M. Buck, IV of Ward.

                The Merit List recognizes students who are registered for 6-11 credit hours and have earned term GPAs of 3.75 or higher.

                Merit List students include:

                Abbeville County - Barbara J. Capps, Audrey G. Eaves, Kiara D. Jackson, Abigail N. Mudd, Amanda H. Nickles, Jean W. Overholt, Anna K. Rhodes, Jimmy Sanders and Natalie B. Wilson, all of Abbeville; Janice N. Loughner of Donalds; Hannah N. Taylor of Due West; Nichole F. Abrams and Allison W. Sullivan, both of Honea Path; Gregory B. Sorrow of Iva; and Ashley Hartline of Ware Shoals.

                Edgefield County - Willitiscia L. Harris, Sherry S. Johnson and Kylie L. Wash, all of Edgefield; Jacqueline T. Bush, Hart C. Clark and Gregory P. Winters, all of Johnston, Lillie R. Prince of McCormick; Elizabeth C. Warnken of North Augusta; and Abby G. Johnson of Trenton.

                Greenwood County - Ellis R. Hankinson, Michael W. Melton, Jr., Catherine A. Richardson and Angelique M. Rowland, all of Bradley; Charles R. Clinemyer, Jr. and Wade J. Timmerman, both of Donalds; Kortney T. Allison, Sherri Anderson, Yashara S. Avery, Haden Baker, Rachel A. Bates, Vincent S. Bell, Heather M. Benshoof, Rachel T. Bishop, Michael K. Blohm, Caleb Boatwright, Callaham Brock, William J. Buckshorn, Thomas M. Budreau, Kayla G. Bullard, LaTazzie A. Calloway, Jacob D. Calvert, Jackson G. Chapman, James Childress, Nicholas B. Cobb, Jody M. Connor, Kimberly R. Conyers, Mitzie S. Corona, John P. Covington, Jr., Michelle Dalrymple, Krystal M. Dandy, Delinda C. Daniel, Rachel C. Darby, Fallon L. Derrick, Sarah B. Driscoll, Joseph L. Fleming, Khatera C. Floyd, Jennifer A. Garcia Orosco, Kamron O. Garlington, Cynthia N. Gatchell, Eleni D. Geoly, Nicholas L. Gibert, Alise S. Gilliard, Alfreda Harrison, George C. Hill, III, Adam K. Hitt, Lucinda J. Hoffman, Mariah V. Holmes, Hannah M. Homovich, Ashley M. Jackett, Christopher A. Jacobs, Thomas D. Jones, Lendora P. Keenon, Emily M. Kellum, Makayla E. Laign, Letasha F. Logan, Martha E. Martinez Simon, Julia J. Maynard, Elizabeth Mccurry, Teresa N. Mccurry, Melinda H. Miller, Amaan Monda, Keshia T. Moore, Derek A. Murray, Ebony R. Neal, William R. O’Dell, Adeline C. Orcutt, Shana N. Ouzts, Jay Patel, Michael W. Quarles, Reginald Q. Rucker, Bradford M. Russ, Khadijah A. Ryans, John R. Scott, Jr., Kirby E. Self, Staci G. Setzler, Miranda J. Shanholtzer, Daniel K. Sheek, Keegan R. Smith, Daisy D. Sorrow, Hayden G. Stone, Courtney A. Surrett, Mary G. Targonski, Lisa L. Terry, Austin L. Thibeault, Desmond Thomasson, Haylee Weeks, Precious J. Williams, Hayden Wilson, Akeem K. Wright and Richard M. Young, all of Greenwood; Alfred E. Andrews, Hunter Gravely, Taylor I. Johnson, Jasmine Mckee, Jennifer L. Wakefield and Adriann L. Williams, all of Hodges; Rita J. Able, John L. Barton, Catherine H. Brooks, Jessica O. Cameron, Gregory D. Griffin, Dylan L. Mccary, Jaclyn E. Myers and April C. Prater, all of Ninety Six; Christine A. Cornetto and Jalen C. Parks, both of Troy; Michelle D. Calhoun, Tanisha S. Maddox, Melanie Parks and Chad A. Smallwood, all of Ware Shoals.

                Laurens County - Kevin W. Avrett, Heidi A. Boyce, David Boyd, Lisa K. Burroughs, Rodney J. Dillard, Stephanie R. Gruber, Kayla D. Harris, Jeramie S. Horton, Angela G. Mars, Joshua L. Mintern, Jeremy W. Poole, Augustus Ray, Jr., Nolan W. Simpson, Jack W. Snelgrove, Amiaya N. Wilson and Melissa W. Wright, all of Clinton; Ashley K. McLain and Denise A. Tribble, both of Fountain Inn; Kimberly R. Neely, James T. Pennington, John Vernon and Frankie D. Williams, all of Gray Court; Myriam D. Castaneda of Joanna; Krista J. Anderson, Patricia G. Bumgardner, Ariel A. Cook, Mya Jackson, Jammie P. King, Jennie R. Lacaz, Amber D. Merchant, Zachary A. Pedigo, Jeanette Todd, Kathy D. Torres, Jamie L. Walden and Travis Wilbanks, all of Laurens; Heather M. Whelchel of Mountville; Michael O. Madden, II of Ware Shoals; Kevin B. Coker and Michele Creedon, both of Waterloo.

                McCormick County - Lee A. Dammon of Modoc; and Jarrett T. Reed of Parksville.

                Newberry County - Grayson C. Brown of Chappells; Haley C. Hughes of Kinards; Emma R. Fellers, Christina Johns and Meghan E. Lake, all of Little Mountain; Shamekia Bell, Kimberly A. Breaux, Travis M. Davis, Sarah G. Dominick, Crystal L. Gilmore, Marie S. Gladney, Susan B. Godwin, John A. Kesler, Caleb S. Kierstead, Parker Kinard, John Koshy, Gwendella Lyles, Maria F. Martinez, William D. Morse, Carter L. Moze, Jr., Edward W. Musgrove, Jr., Noemi Nava, Kevin Sanchez, Scott Senn, Michael K. Stroud, Jr., Curtis Trapp, Marcy L. Whelchel and Marylane Wilkerson, all of Newberry; Sarah K. Connelly, Daniel J. Cook and Tammi J. Wessinger, all of Pomaria; Grace M. Alger, Brandy R. Babb, Colin Capell, William W. Collins, III, Mary K. Corley, Dalton Counts, Ivy L. Crumpton, Tyler D. Grubbs, Savannah P. Harmon, Zoiee A. Jamison, Stephanie A. Johnson, James A. Lovette, Gotardo Luviano, Claudia E. Pollard, Julia R. Roach, Lisa M. SanFilippo, Ryan E. Shealy, Catherine C. Taylor, Evan C. Thornhill and Barbara J. Williams, all of Prosperity; Faith A. Sheppard and Lauren E. Yoder, both of Silverstreet; Joseph L. Jones, Michaela M. Knox, James K. McDaniel and Lea S. Toby, all of Whitmire.

                Saluda County - Michaela Hall, Samantha Nichols, Erin Rowe, Anna V. Shealy, William H. Shealy and Shelby Sheppard, all of Batesburg; Malcolm Graham of Johnston; Madison J. Long and Bailey Will, both of Leesville; April C. Kinard and Willette Wright, both of Ridge Spring; Patricia L. Ackerman, Julie N. Boone, Jasmine Buckner, Lorraine H. Calhoun, Joshua L. Cobbler, Grant C. Collins, Allison L. Deloache, Allison L. Devore, Martin Diaz, Logan H. Edwards, Anna Hipp, Kayla N. Horne, Micah A. Metts, William R. Miller, Brittney N. Neal, Hector D. Ortiz, Everette T. Ouzts, Sarah G. Porter, Karson A. Powell, Thomas J. Price, Adam Robertson, Sarah Shore and Linda A. Sorcia, all of Saluda.

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