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home : greenwood living : home improvement August 20, 2014

Make a grand entrance: simple ideas to refresh your entryway
(BPT) - Most people enter their home through the garage or backdoor, forgetting how the front entrance looks to neighbors and guests. Your front door is often the first thing others notice about your home. That’s why it’s key to make a positive first impression.How to create an inviting... (click to continue...)

Enjoying retirement in a home suited for an active life
(BPT) - When it’s time to retire, do baby boomers just sit back and watch life pass them by? Not anymore. Boomers are known for getting involved in their communities, enjoying the outdoors and starting new - or restarting older - hobbies. They also love spending time with family.This active l... (click to continue...)

Extend your home to the outdoors this summer and beyond
(BPT) - Summer is here and most people are turning their attention to home improvement projects that let them spend more time outside. In fact, 92 percent of residential landscape architects noted outdoor living spaces as a popular design feature for this year, according to the 2014 Residential Lan... (click to continue...)

Tips on transforming a dated condo into a hot property
(BPT) - When a New York City family relocated to California, they called celebrity designer and NBC’s American Dream Builders contestant Erinn Valencich to help sell their Manhattan digs.Their condo was in a great location near Manhattan’s famous High Line, but the interior needed a lit... (click to continue...)

One simple home improvement cuts noise pollution while boosting energy savings
(BPT) - Whether it’s the neighbor’s lawnmower, low-flying aircraft, heavy traffic or loud music, noise pollution can hinder you from truly enjoying your home. Nowadays, a quiet place to relax and chill out can be increasingly difficult to find. Yet, a smart investment in the right mater... (click to continue...)

Do's and don'ts: the art of tackling your tile project
(BPT) - When you add a tile or natural stone surface to the kitchen or bathroom, it transforms each space with a fresh, clean and customized look. Many homeowners often dream about adding a backsplash or replacing a floor, but never complete the project because they can’t decide on the right ... (click to continue...)

5 home improvements that boost safety, comfort and the value of your home
(BPT) - Home improvement season is in full swing, and homeowners across the country are deciding which projects to tackle this year. By taking a strategic approach to selecting home improvements, you can go beyond adding value to your property – you can also boost your comfort and safety as w... (click to continue...)

Spray paint tips to flawlessly update your home's furniture
(BPT) - With the warmer weather, now is the ideal time to bring new life to home decor. Whether your outdoor items are looking worn and weathered - or your indoor spaces need a pop of color - spray paint is the perfect solution.To ensure your furniture update goes flawlessly, follow these few tips ... (click to continue...)

Beat the heat: Simple solutions for keeping outdoor spaces cool and comfortable
(BPT) - Are summer’s sizzling temperatures causing you to retreat from your favorite outdoor spaces? Decks, patios and other outdoor areas should be enjoyed throughout the year, but heat, sun and humidity can quickly make being outside intolerable during the dog days of summer. The good news ... (click to continue...)

5 things you're doing wrong while staining your deck
   (BPT) - Whether you are ready or not, summer is almost over. And if you haven’t had a chance yet this season to make your deck look new again, then it’s time to get started. Make sure you’re not making these common mistakes.1. Using an unconditioned brush Work a ... (click to continue...)

Easy methods to give your home a summer spruce up
(BPT) - Home truly is where the heart is. After all, it’s where you raise the children, entertain friends and family, and relax after many a hard day. Chances are it’s also seen its share of wear and tear over the years.While springtime is traditionally the season for cleaning and clear... (click to continue...)

Summer's hottest 'deck-cessories'
(BPT) - Whether it’s a cookout for friends or a quiet conversation with family, the backyard deck is the hot spot for summer living. So what’s trending now when it comes to making that space as stylish and functional as it can be?“The line between indoor and outdoor living spaces ... (click to continue...)

Outdoor living made easy with home improvements that boost comfort and value
(BPT) - Beautiful weather begs to be enjoyed, but a drab deck, dated patio and dull lighting can drive homeowners indoors fast. A few home improvements can ensure seasons full of outdoor comfort, all while enhancing your house’s value and exterior aesthetic.Outdoor home improvements extend li... (click to continue...)

Three bad-mouthed building materials you won't believe are really eco-friendly
(BPT) - More homeowners are keeping Mother Nature in mind when undertaking a renovation, addition or new construction. They’re seeking building practices and materials that are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. If you’re among these groups, you may choose to avoid construct... (click to continue...)

Is your relationship ready for DIY? [Infographic]
(BPT) - Thousands of couples will embark on the shared home improvement project journey this year, and it’s no secret that men and women often face these projects in different ways. Find out how partnering on do-it-yourself (DIY) projects impacts relationships and how couples solve for DIY di... (click to continue...)

All aboard: Family friendly tips to make your cleaning projects a snap
(BPT) - Winter is over. The birds have finally come back, the weather is warm enough to get outside and barbecue, and your annual golf outings and boating trips are already starting to show up on the calendar. But while you’re looking forward to all of these things, you’re probably not ... (click to continue...)

Tips on how to give your home an annual checkup
(BPT) - There’s no better time than now to give your home the attention it deserves. Give it an annual checkup before cold weather arrives to help add comfort, save energy and cut home maintenance in the long-run.When inspecting your home’s windows and doors, here’s what to check:... (click to continue...)

Top 5 trendy bathroom upgrades that don't cost a bundle
(BPT) - No one ever said “trendy” translates to “cheap.” Yet when it comes to on-trend, luxury upgrades, you don’t have to spend like a diva to make your bathroom look and function like a designer’s dream. From skylights to shower seats, some of the hottest bathr... (click to continue...)

Key considerations for family-friendly bathroom renovations
(BPT) - Mom rules the media room, Johnny loves the basement workshop and the kitchen is Dad’s domain. Gender roles notwithstanding, each family member has one room where he or she enjoys spending more time. One room, however, is equally used and loved – or reviled – by all: the ba... (click to continue...)

Home renovation starts with good planning and good insurance
(BPT) - The United States is a country of renovators and remodelers, judging from the steady growth of home improvement projects across the nation in recent years.People are remodeling their homes at historically high rates, according to the National Association of Homebuilders. Many of these proje... (click to continue...)

Backyard projects to turn the area into a treasured sanctuary
(BPT) - You love the days when you can go home from work, open the windows and enjoy dinner out on the deck. And it sure isn’t hard to rise early on those sunny weekend days to spend all day in the backyard. Those days are here, and it’s time to get outside to spend time with the grill,... (click to continue...)

Design inspiration at your fingertips: Homeowners go digital to jumpstart home improvement projects
(BPT) - More than 40 percent of homeowners plan to update their homes in the next two years, according to the latest Houzz & Home Study. Of those who plan to remodel, 78 percent cite their motivation as improving the look and feel of the space.“With an increasing amount of home remodeling... (click to continue...)

The window you choose makes a big difference [Infographic]
(BPT) - Window are so much more than just the eyes of your home, they also play a major role in your home¹s energy savings. Read on to learn how the type of windows you choose can save you money and energy season after season. ... (click to continue...)

Home design: the value of the ideal exterior color
(BPT) - When it comes to designing a home – whether it’s new construction or a renovation – choosing beautiful exterior colors and complementary accent hues is critical to creating an appealing household.“To select the right colors for your home, view siding colors as an ext... (click to continue...)

Bathroom remodeling should start at the studs
(BPT) - Remodeling a bathroom can increase the value of your home but short-sighted planning can wash projects down the drain.Some do-it-yourself experts recommend a fresh coat of paint, new tile, a shiny new sink and great cabinets to transform an ordinary bathroom into an extraordinary spa &ndash... (click to continue...)

Three success tips for converting an attic into living space
(BPT) - Moving up – vacating your current, smallish home for a larger, roomier abode – was the American way before the Great Recession. Now that the economy is humming again, at least some of the people who stayed put during those lean years will be looking to move into larger, nicer ho... (click to continue...)

5 simple projects to revive outdoor spaces in one weekend or less
(BPT) - Want to entertain outdoors this summer but your deck and patio aren’t party ready? It’s easy to refresh outdoor spaces with DIY projects that can be done in a weekend or less. Not only will you expand your property’s livable space, but you’ll be adding to its value a... (click to continue...)

Prepare your home for outdoor entertaining this summer
(BPT) - After a long winter trapped indoors, nothing beats a great backyard get-together to catch up with old friends, introduce yourself to new neighbors or just enjoy a beautiful day.Now that the weather is warmer, you may be thinking about your first gathering of the season, but before the guest... (click to continue...)

Brighten and heighten your interior design with 5 simple tips for summer
(BPT) - As warm weather arrives, the changing scenery outdoors is natural inspiration for homeowners to update their interior design. Luxurious textures, bright colors and bold accents help to define today’s most popular summer decor trends, adding emotion and energy to any space.For those re... (click to continue...)

Deck support: It's what's beneath the surface that counts
(BPT) - The substructure of your deck is the heart of its durability and the foundation for its aesthetics. Until recently, wood was the go-to material for builders and contractors but many professionals are now switching to steel for its superior structural integrity and design flexibility. Steel ... (click to continue...)

Get decked out: prep your outdoor living space for a party
(BPT) - Whether you’re hosting a backyard barbecue or entertaining a late-night dinner party on the deck, summer is the perfect time to throw a get-together in your outdoor living space.The outdoor living experts at Trex offer these tips for creating a party-perfect deck, porch or patio.Plan ... (click to continue...)

Smart, stylish solutions keep your entire home cool - without disrupting home decor
(BPT) - Don’t sweat it if your home doesn’t have central air-conditioning. Whether you live in an older house that can’t accommodate ductwork, or you don’t want to sacrifice your interior aesthetics with an unattractive air conditioning unit, you can still keep your home fee... (click to continue...)

Keep them home, happy and studying: Creating a kid-friendly space
(BPT) - Would a great study space ease your child’s transition from summer to school? Perhaps an awesome lounge area could convince your teens – and all their friends – that your house is the best hangout spot ever. Whatever your objectives, a few design and decorating tricks can ... (click to continue...)

Popular home decor style - a blend of old and new
(BPT) - It can be hard to keep up with the latest changes in decorating styles for the home. But the latest trend might actually make it easy for you to have a stylish house, especially if you’ve kept some family treasures around.Mixing traditional and contemporary decor within a home can giv... (click to continue...)

Hot home upgrades for spring
5 trends to turn a drab deck into a beautiful oasis(BPT) - From furniture to lighting, we share easy and inexpensive ideas for transforming your deck into an outdoor oasis.Read the full storyThree bad-mouthed building materials you won't believe are eco-friendlySome maligned materials are actually ... (click to continue...)

Lawn mower accessories help get landscaping jobs done efficiently and professionally
(BPT) - Efficiency is the name of the game these days. At the office it comes into play in processing work quickly and at a lower cost. At home, efficiency means being able to get the household and landscaping chores done so you can spend time with the family.If your chore list includes maintaining... (click to continue...)

Most often-overlooked truth of curb appeal: Little things mean a lot
(BPT) - Curb appeal relies not just on the color of a home’s siding or the beauty of its landscaping, but on often-overlooked, underplayed details. Whether it’s charming intricate gingerbread scrolls on the porch, or fluted door casing that imparts an elegant, upscale look, trim can hav... (click to continue...)

5 outdoor living trends that instantly turn a drab deck into a beautiful oasis
(BPT) - Warm weather means more time to spend outside enjoying gentle breezes and sunshine-filled days. Is your deck or patio ready for months of outdoor fun? If your outdoor space is a bit drab, there’s no need to fret. The year’s top trends in outdoor living will transform any deck in... (click to continue...)

The homebuilding method you've never heard of that cuts energy bills up to 60 percent
(BPT) - For people building new homes in the coming months, the ever-increasing pain of monthly utility bills for cooling and heating their homes has them looking for more energy-efficient construction methods. In 2014, homeowners have been burdened with electricity costs that rose 5 percent, heati... (click to continue...)

New home innovations help consumers weather the storm
(BPT) - Storms and wet weather not only impact our life’s activities they can also have a disastrous effect on our homes, both inside and out. New technologies and products that help homeowners manage the damaging effects of weather with reduced stress are in high demand. Included here are so... (click to continue...)

Summer projects to make your home sensational
(BPT) - Summer is here and this is the time when you want to be outside as much as possible, soak up the sun, eat amazing food and enjoy the company of family and friends. You’ll also see more of your home’s exterior on days like this than any other time of the year so this is also a gr... (click to continue...)

Five fresh interior design trends using wood
(BPT) - Wood may be known for its timeless visual appeal, but there’s nothing static about the way people showcase it in American homes. Designers, homeowners and DIYers are re-discovering the warmth and beauty of wood. From inventive new uses to re-interpretations of existing styles, they&rs... (click to continue...)

Put the 'pro' in home improvement with the right painting tools
(BPT) - When planning to paint a room, most people spend countless hours selecting a color. Once that decision is made, they spend far less time selecting paint brushes and rollers. Many DIYers don’t consider that choosing the right applicators is just as important as selecting the right pain... (click to continue...)

Trim applications give the world a creative preview of your home
(BPT) - Beauty is in the details when it comes to home exteriors. That’s why choosing the right exterior trim products and decorative elements is essential, whether you have a modest home or coastal mansion. In fact, exterior trim is one of the most important architectural accessories you can... (click to continue...)

Selling this summer? 6 upgrades to secure a speedy sale
(BPT) - When the weather warms up, so does the real estate market. Spring and summer are traditionally the seasons when both home buyers and sellers are most active across the country. If you’ll be putting your home on the market this year, simple, cost-effective upgrades can help ensure a sp... (click to continue...)

Tricks to instantly refresh your home design for summer entertaining
(BPT) - Summer is the ideal time to host events at home with family and friends. But is your home ready for summer soirees? The kitchen is the heart of the home and where people naturally congregate, so it’s important it showcases your signature style and reflects the relaxed feeling of the s... (click to continue...)

5 fast fixes for a fabulous bath
(BPT) - With Americans working longer hours than ever before, most homeowners yearn for a luxurious place to relax and unwind at the end of a hectic day. This is likely why the bathroom is the most requested home renovation project, according to the National Association of Homebuilders.However, bet... (click to continue...)

Driveways to mailboxes: Oft-overlooked items that drive curb appeal
(BPT) - Selling or staying, it makes no difference – everyone wants a home that looks great from the curb. Curb appeal comes together when all the elements of a home’s facade are in good shape and working together. Driveways that are cracked or pitted with potholes, dingy front doors an... (click to continue...)

5 simple ways to inspire and improve your inner 'making' skills
(BPT) - Summer is often a great time to tackle your do-it-yourself and “making” projects. But between summertime travel, social commitments and long hours at the office, carving out time to “make” can be challenging.This Labor Day weekend, the Craftsman brand will host its f... (click to continue...)

Sink into these top tub trends for the ultimate bathing experience
(BPT) - The tub tucked away in your home’s master bathroom is so much more than a place to get clean. It’s a calming refuge and therapeutic retreat after a busy, high-pressure day. Tub trends indicate that bathtubs are primarily used for soaking, while shower time is mainly for cleansin... (click to continue...)

Ways to celebrate National Curb Appeal Month with projects you can do on your home
(BPT) - Can the look and condition of your roof affect the resale value and curb appeal of your home? What about your window frames, entry door or shutters? The answer is absolutely.During National Curb Appeal Month in August, building product companies are urging homeowners to focus on improving t... (click to continue...)

Spruce up your wood deck for outdoor entertaining [Infographic]
(BPT) - As winter turns to spring and the earth begins to thaw, homeowners look forward to spending time outdoors with friends and family. One of the best things you can do to prepare your home for warm weather and outdoor entertaining is to clean and refinish your wood deck. Spring is ideal f... (click to continue...)

Your how-to guide for an amazing deck makeover
(BPT) - Deck season is in full swing, but before you mix that pitcher of lemonade or fire up the grill, you may want to give your deck a much-needed makeover.  “If you’ve never cleaned and stained your deck before, you probably have lots of questions. But if you take things step by... (click to continue...)

Must-have technology is making bathrooms healthier, safer, more enjoyable
(BPT) - Think home technology begins with your wireless, programmable thermostat and ends with the high-definition, 3-D, web-enabled flat-screen TV with surround sound? Think again – whole home technology means using leading-edge devices to improve life in every room of the house, including t... (click to continue...)

Make two company - not a crowd - in the master bath
(BPT) - The saying is that you shouldn’t marry the person you can live with, but the person you can’t live without. But while you may be ready to share your life with someone, you may quickly realize you aren’t willing to share everything, and some of your partner’s habits y... (click to continue...)

Easy DIY projects that boost curb appeal for less than $100
(BPT) - Your home’s curb appeal is a statement of the property’s style and overall personality. When you look at your house from the street, does the front feel warm and welcoming? If not, it’s time to boost curb appeal. A few simple updates can make a big impact without requiring... (click to continue...)

The great debate: Stacking TVs and fireplaces
(BPT) - When choosing a focal point for a room, designers and homeowners alike often plan for a single feature – windows, TVs, artwork, or fireplaces – to take center stage. However, the explosion of flat screen TVs for every room in the home has created a debate – can you really ... (click to continue...)

The human touch: Handcrafted items speak to the soul with unique, customized appeal
(BPT) - The quilt handed down through generations, the turn-of-the-century wooden rocking chair made by a long-gone relative, hand-stitched samplers that have graced every home your family has lived in – handcrafted items simply speak to the soul. In today’s society, when we’re su... (click to continue...)

4 ways to discover the design potential of the '5th wall'
(BPT) - With autumn just a few short weeks away, many people will soon spend less time on the patio and more time within four walls. Actually, five walls if you include the ceiling.Many homeowners don’t consider ceilings part of their interior design, and it shows. Most are expanses of bland ... (click to continue...)

Look what the cat dragged in: Pests your pets bring home
(BPT) - Keeping pests out of your home is important, but it can be an uphill battle if you aren’t intercepting them at the source, and in some cases, the source may be your pets.Pet pests pose unique threats to both people and animals and can be brought inside on fur, skin and clothing. They ... (click to continue...)

Summertime home improvements don't have to be all work and no play
(BPT) - If this year’s summer vacation plans involve more hardware than beachwear, don’t fret. Just apply tried-and-true trip-planning principles to your “staycation” renovation plans and you can ensure both your time and money are well spent.Set a budgetYou would rarely tak... (click to continue...)

Add curb appeal to your home inspired by architecture
(BPT) - When you drive through your neighborhood, you may notice a variety of architectural styles. There might be a traditional colonial with evenly spaced windows. Down the road may be an ornate Victorian. On the corner there may be a craftsman home with an inviting front porch. Others may includ... (click to continue...)

The scoop on showering: 15 fun facts about a daily ritual
  (BPT) - You shower in the morning for seven minutes at a temperature of 99 F under a wall-mounted showerhead. Sound familiar? Everyone thinks their showering routine is normal – but what about those folks who use their smartphones in the shower? Or (eek) clip their nails in what s... (click to continue...)

Forward-looking luxury at the forefront of today's bathroom renovation trends
(BPT) - Americans are renovating again, and instead of letting resale value alone drive their renovation choices, in 2014 homeowners are weighing many more factors. They are seeking renovations that are beautiful, luxurious and eco-friendly, and that both enhance resale value and their ability to a... (click to continue...)

Five fixes for kitchens that get compliments
(BPT) - No matter if you’re an aspiring chef or TV dinner connoisseur ... if the look of your kitchen makes you want to dine out – it may be time for an upgrade. The kitchen should be the heart of your home: it’s where you entertain, hold family meetings and even pay bills, so why... (click to continue...)

How to install and finish drywall in 10 steps
  (BPT) - For do-it-yourself homeowners who have wanted to install and finish drywall but weren’t sure how, these 10 steps will guide them through their home improvement projects. Anitra Mecadon, design expert and host of DIY Network’s Mega Dens, demonstrates techniques for me... (click to continue...)

Expert advice for spring kitchen redesigns that you'll love forever from designer Nate Berkus
(BPT) - When your spring cleaning is accomplished and the room sparkles, do you still feel as if something is missing? All the cleaning in the world can’t hide worn countertops, outdated appliances or uninspired cabinetry. If spring cleaning your kitchen is starting to feel like you’re ... (click to continue...)

Modern home-design trends are set to revolutionize the housing market
(BPT) - The housing market is thriving in many parts of the country, and the driving force is an estimated 92 million Gen Now consumers between the ages of 19 and 37 (aka Gen Y or Millennials) that will enter the market to become new homebuyers by the year 2020. These consumers have grown up during... (click to continue...)

Cool down those air conditioning bills this summer [Infographic]
(BPT) - High energy costs could be burning a hole through your wallet as you try to keep your air conditioning costs down this summer. The addition of Icynene spray foam insulation around your home can reduce your cooling costs, and the money you spend on energy bills. ... (click to continue...)

Save money, time and energy when you tackle these home improvements in tandem
(BPT) - Most of us spend our day multi-tasking. At work or home, we want to maximize our time and resources in order to accomplish the most work while expending the minimum required effort. Home improvement should be no different. In order to make the most of your home improvement resources, it mak... (click to continue...)

Say 'bye bye' to bathroom remodeling blues with 5 budget-friendly tips
(BPT) - Beautifying your bathroom sounds exciting but oftentimes renovation plans begin with good intentions and end up a long, costly nightmare. The national average cost for a bathroom remodel is $10,142, according to the Cost Guide from HomeAdvisor.com. That’s a hefty investment but one th... (click to continue...)

How to find $500 in energy savings in 5 rooms
(BPT) - With the demand for electricity and natural gas rising, right along with energy costs, American homeowners can easily spend hundreds of dollars a month on utility bills.“From air conditioning larger homes to powering today’s high-tech electronics, we are using more energy than e... (click to continue...)

Renewing concrete driveways, patios and sidewalk damaged by harsh weather
(BPT) - Now that the United States has emerged from one of the worst winters in the past century, homeowners are starting to take notice of damage caused to their driveways, patios, sidewalks, and other concrete surfaces. This past winter featured an average temperature of 31.3 degrees Fahrenheit a... (click to continue...)

Keep cool this summer while saving money
(BPT) - As summer temperatures rise, so can your energy and utility bills. Hotter weather can translate into higher costs if your home isn’t operating efficiently while working to keep you cool and comfortable. Yet there’s no need to swelter in the summer heat. There are simple thi... (click to continue...)

Make your shower sing: Trends and tips to help you relax and re-energize
(BPT) - It’s where some of your best ideas are born, and where you unwind – or get ready – for the day.  And although your current shower might be fine, why not make it fabulous? Here are the latest trends and products to create a fantastic shower experience.Update your showe... (click to continue...)

DIY projects to turn your backyard into a summer oasis
(BPT) - The smell of fresh-cut grass, the cascade of blooming flowers, and the laughter from outdoor entertaining are a few of summer’s favorite moments. With the warm weather in full bloom, you may be looking for easy do-it-yourself projects to spruce up your backyard before the guests arriv... (click to continue...)

Deck dreaming: 5 easy steps to plan the perfect deck
(BPT) - With warm summer days in full swing, it is time to make your dream of a backyard deck transformation a reality. If you are like many homeowners who are interested in revamping outdoor living spaces, a lack of time and decking know-how may be preventing you from getting started.The good news... (click to continue...)

See why the popularity of vinyl siding is building [Infographic]
(BPT) - Vinyl siding appears on nearly one third of all new homes built in 2013, more than any other cladding material, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And chances are, you’ve seen and heard a lot about vinyl siding on home renovation shows, in magazines and in your neighborhood. Once se... (click to continue...)

Outdoor kitchens: Tools and tips to do it yourself
(BPT) - Outdoor kitchens are one of the hottest trends for exterior home improvements in 2014, a survey by the American Society of Landscape Architects reveals. If you’re considering creating a backyard kitchen this year, you may be wondering how much of the work you can do yourself in order ... (click to continue...)

Basement flooded? This device could have prevented damage by shutting off water at the source
(BPT) - If you think water damage isn’t a real threat for millions of Americans, consider this: water damage caused $9.1 billion in annual homeowner property losses over a three-year period, according to a 2011 ACE Insurance Underwriters study. Despite that, many people don’t worry abou... (click to continue...)

Home improvement tips to prepare for the summer storm season
(BPT) - Summer storm season is upon us - and some of those storms can be severe.Water and storm damage to your home can quickly add up and potentially leave your family in danger, which is why it’s a good idea to conduct a spring checkup of your home. Ed Del Grande is a master contractor and ... (click to continue...)

Finding balance: creating functional family living spaces
(BPT) - Let’s face it - life is busy. And one of the byproducts of a busy life is a cluttered house. With piles of paper coming home from school and toys creating obstacle courses in the family room, parents may wonder how they’ll ever take back control of the house. A few experts share... (click to continue...)

Decor through the decades: How kitchen and bath product designs have evolved
(BPT) - Remember when brass fixtures and mauve countertops were all the rage in kitchen design? How about the days of shag carpet (yes, in the bathroom) and avocado tile? Fortunately, those particular trends have come and gone. And, whether you embraced them or not, they did have an influence on th... (click to continue...)

Going home again: A great office is a key to success for new home-based workers
(BPT) - Whoever first said, “You can’t go home again,” probably wasn’t considering the 38 million home-based businesses in the United States, or the approximately 37 million households that have active home offices. More workers are plying their trade from home, as employers... (click to continue...)

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